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Interior Design
Project Location
4 months

The residence is a 5bhk apartment in Ahmedabad for a family of four. The main concept was to design a comfortable home based on the couple's occupation. A businessman and a teacher. This objective was met by linking the entry corridor with other areas within the house to create an airy, breezy, open, and dynamic spatial arrangement throughout the house. Some of the intriguing places in the property with great light and colour play include the elevated kitchen area, the linear layout of the study - dining - and balcony.


The divine dwells in the details

The elevated cooking area and the feature wall in the living room are the most fascinating aspects. The customer requested that their kitchen be featured, therefore we came up with the idea of situating the cooking area on an elevated platform. This design decision set the house different from others and created a unique concept for a house. The focal wall in the living room is made of Italian marble with CNC work and a foil finish.

Design style

The design style which one can see
being celebrated in the residence is modern contemporary style. There is a play of colors in all the spaces according to the taste of each family member and
their respective spaces. The color pops in the tints and tones of blue can be
seen in the entire residence which adds a very fresh aesthetics in the hot
climatic conditions of Ahmedabad.


diagrammatic concept

The proposed layout was to create an open residential arrangement with maximum interactive spaces. Hence the design decisions of switching the kitchen with bedroom and converting the existing kitchen to a study space gave the entire residence a very welcoming fresh spatial arrangement. The linear passages and the linear arrangement of the study – dining – balcony were the key highlights of the layout which connected the entire residence together.

Process of Design Ideation

The core challenge faced was to create a layout different from the existing layout, where some of the spaces were not suitable according to the vastu protocols. We converted the kitchen area into a comfy sitting / study area and the bedroom into the kitchen. At first the kitchen was not in the correct location according to the vastu which was later located to the southeast corner. This rearrangement helped in creating an open interactive spatial arrangement in the residence.