Diagrammatic Concept

The floor plan is designed such that the offices have adequate space to hold formal meetings and the main cabin has the national highway view. The working space has personal storage and for the employees with a refreshing view to the outside garden which is designed for a quick break and for being refreshed. The conference room has the most artistic and yet formal look. The architects have truly managed to fuse both the architectural view and the artistic vibe into the office with exceptional use of resources. The main cabin has a neutral color palette with the use of a sofa and the wooden veneer gives it an artistic look. Foil work in the champagne shade on the ceiling and the Michelangelo Italian stone gives the class that any office needs. The frameless design of tag boards in the working space and the artifacts and colors in the pockets add an antique look to the subtle theme of the office. The office in a nutshell is any workman’s dream abode.


The architects’ vision for the office was to make it an exceptional, private space for people to work in and still not let the team spirit go! Designing Gopi Logistics was a challenging task - a group of articulate professionals as they were, their interior had to be topnotch and classic. From intricately outlining a blank slate of space, the designers made sure to fill in the office with a tremendous load of accurate and trendy furniture options. The designers kept it all subtle, using Italian marble for the floor, they renewed the entire space. The eternal wooden tone glimmering balances the neutral palette theme with the color pop at places. Adding high definition to the main cabin, they blended the champagne tone to the ceiling. Gopi logistics is Kutch’s first’s ever hi-tech office!

The switchable partition glass and the


no-touch door unlocking system in the time of pandemic is what makes Gopi logistics’ offices stand out. Gopi logistics is Kutch’s firsts ever hi-tech office!


The garden space that they created with the view

from the working space is just what the employees need to calm their sore eyes after tireless striving