Based in the city of Gandhidham ,Kutch and led by a young duo (Amber – Driisshti), the firm believes in taking up challenges  & promises to provide designs that turn imagination into reality. Having a team of highly skilled professionals, THE AD EFFFECT  is a new-age solution for architecture & interior designing. We offer you complete range of  services, from design ideation to execution.


Amber I Chaauhan

Amber comes from an architectural background and is the firm's man of logic and technic; has a knack of nut and bolt approach for problem solving which can be attributed to his qualification in civil engineering as well as being a practising architect for 15 years. He does not fear trying latest trends in the most innovative but sustainable ways.

He established this firm with the goal of elevating the architectural and interior design trends of the city of Gandhidham. With addition of Driiisshti , The AD Effect ventured into end to end design solutions from architectural concept development to execution putting in a bit of own vision in otherwise diverse world needs.


Driisshti Advani

Driisshti is an architect by education and has spent initial days of her career learning luxurious residential and commercial design trends . She represents the right hemisphere of the firm's brain and has an innovative approach which brings minimalism to modern design. She creates designs which solve problems marrying aesthetics to function. Her inclusive and detail oriented approach helps her deliver astounding spaces.

Form Follows Function

The Dynamic Duo collaborates to bring a balanced approach where one side focusses on the aesthetics, spatial understanding, and the other side understands the pragmatics and technicalities of built environment. The end product, hence, is a Yin-Yang of function and aesthetic.